March 2024 Release Notes

March 2024 Release Notes

Michael Shi Michael Shi • Mar 31, 2024
March 2024 Release Notes

This month, we're excited to introduce updates that streamline app performance debugging, enable generic webhook alerts, simplify using HyperDX locally, and introduce a slew of DX enhancements throughout the platform.

Debug App Performance & Errors with Service Health Dashboard

Service Dashboard

Wondering why your users are experiencing slow response times or which API routes are causing the most trouble?

Dive into the new Service Health dashboard (opens in a new tab) to drill into the root cause of an endpoint's performance or error rate, inspect slow DB queries, and identify error trends all in one place.

Alert Anything with Generic Webhooks Alerts

Generic Webhook Alerts

With our new generic webhook alerts (opens in a new tab) feature, you can configure alert webhooks with fully customized payloads to send an HTTP request anywhere you need them. Whether that's your Discord server or a custom endpoint that triggers further automation, anything can now be alerted to!

View Logs, Metrics and Traces Locally with HyperDX Local

HyperDX Local

HyperDX Local mode is a single Docker container that runs the entire HyperDX stack locally - great for debugging complex local applications with production-level observability capabilities.

Check out the documentation (opens in a new tab) to get started.

Developer Experience ++

A few highlights of DX enhancements we've landed this month.

  • Export Table Chart as CSV: Download any table chart result in the chart explorer or in a dashboard as a CSV for easy downstream usage.

  • Session Replay Skip 15s: Quickly scan back and forth in a session replay with the new +/-15s skip buttons.

  • Drag & Drop Saved Searches/Dashboards: Reorganize your saved searches and dashboards across different tags by simply dragging and dropping them in the side navbar.

  • More Interactive Search Side Panel: Seamlessly navigate through different search result events on the search page even with the side panel open.

Getting Started

HyperDX is free and open source. Try out some of these features today by signing up for a free trial or try them out in our sandbox (opens in a new tab). You can also always spin up your own open source instance (opens in a new tab).