Fight Incidents, Not Your Observability Bill

Pay based on your data usage only, no per-seat or per-host billing.
Store up to 3 GB / mo
3 Day Retention
Up to 1 User
Includes Free 14-Day Pro Trial
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Includes 50 GB / mo
30 Day Retention
Unlimited Users
$20 / mo
+ $0.40 per Additional 1 GB
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Price Estimate

# GB of Data per Month
Size of all events sent to HyperDX per month, including logs and traces.
Monthly Price: $20
Compare to Datadog: ~$192*


How are you able to offer cheaper prices?

Our infrastructure is built on ClickHouse and object storage, enabling us to achieve efficient computation and storage compared to traditional vendors, thus minimizing our costs.
Oh and we don't pay sales people to cold call you endlessly which helps as well.

What happens if I exceed my plan's included storage?

For paid plans, additional data sent over the initial 50GB per month will be charged at $0.40 per GB.

What if I accidentally log too much?

We've been there before and are happy to work with you to waive excess charges due to one-off accidents. (Did you know we're humans too?)

Will I be billed during the trial?

No, we don't collect any payment information during the trial.

How do you define a GB of data?

We count the amount of uncompressed data originally sent to HyperDX, regardless if it's a span, user session or a log message.

Do you limit based on number of alerts, dashboards or users?

No, the only metric we bill on is the volume of data sent over.