HyperDX's Vercel integration allows you to connect all your Vercel logs to HyperDX.

This Guide Integrates:

✅ Logs✖️ Metrics✖️ Traces

To send over metrics or APM/traces, you'll need to add the corresponding language integration to your application as well.


If you haven't logged in or created your HyperDX yet, please log in (opens in a new tab) to your HyperDX account

Integration Setup

  1. Click the Add Integration button on the top right corner of the HyperDX Integration page (opens in a new tab) within Vercel.

  2. Specify the corresponding Vercel projects you'd like to add HyperDX onto.

  3. After finishing the installation process, the installation modal will close and your Vercel logs will appear within your HyperDX account shortly.

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