Aftering entering a search, you can create an alert to be notified when the number of events (logs or spans) matching the search exceeds or falls below a threshold.

Creating an Alert

You can create an alert by clicking the "Alert" button on the top right of the Search page. You can then choose to name the alert, as well as set the threshold, duration, and notification method for the alert (Slack, Email, PagerDuty or Slack Webhook).


Common Alert Scenarios

Here are a few common alert scenarios that you can use HyperDX for:

Errors: We first recommend setting up alerts for the default All Error Events and HTTP Status >= 400 saved searches to be notified when excess error occurs.

Slow Operations: You can set up a search for slow operations (ex. duration:>5000) and then alert when there are too many slow operations occuring.

User Events: You can also set up alerts for customer-facing teams to be notified when new users sign up, or a critical user action is performed.

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