Note: Cloud-only feature. The self-hosted open source version of HyperDX does not support this integration.

PagerDuty + HyperDX Integration Benefits

  • Notify on-call responders based on alerts sent from HyperDX.
  • Create high and low urgency incidents based on the severity of the event from the HyperDX event payload.

How it Works

Alerts set up to trigger Pagerduty will send an event to a service in Pagerduty once the alert threshold exceeded. Events from HyperDX will trigger a new incident on the corresponding PagerDuty service, or group as alerts into an existing incident.


If you need help with this integration, please contact in-app support at (opens in a new tab) or via email.

Integration Walkthrough

In HyperDX

  1. Start by creating an alert in HyperDX, you can do this by going to the Search page (opens in a new tab) and clicking "Alert" on the top right of any search.
  2. Pick your alert criteria and thresholds.
  3. Choose alert "via PagerDuty" and click "Connect to PagerDuty" button below to connect the application.
  4. Select a service to associate with the given alert.
  5. Pick a severity level that the alert should be sent to PagerDuty with.
  6. Click "Save" to finish setting up the alert.

How to Uninstall

To uninstall the app, you can revoke access to the app by going to the PagerDuty service and click on the "Integrations" tab. Then click on the gear icon next to the "HyperDX" integration and click "Delete Integration".

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